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What is a Size and Thickness of a Sheet of Plywood?

Submitted by: Woody Wall on November 25, 2011

Standard Sheet

Most finished 4x8 sheets of plywood will measure exactly 48 x 96 inches. Some exotic finishing plywoods may be slightly larger to allow for cutting.


Certain sheet goods such as Melamine are larger by up to 1 inch in each direction to compensate for edge chipping or damage.


Some types of plywood such as baltic birch may come in different sizes of sheets. In this case, the size of the sheet will be indicated.

Sheet Thickness

Sheet goods vary widely in their actual thicknesses, based on the type of plywood, manufacturer, origin, and batch. When the precise thickness of the sheet is important, it is always wise to measure.
A general though imprecise conversion of metric and imperial thicknesses would be as follows: