Siding & Trim


Cedar Bevel Siding

This wood siding will be admired for years and years.

Cedar Channel Siding

This wood siding will be admired for years and years.

Fusion Stone

Fusion Stone is a thin stone system that is easily installed with Stainless Steel Clips & Screws.  Outstanding appearance & affordable for both interior & exterior applications. Fusion Stone delivers a lifetime of maintenance free performance. Transform something old into something new with Fusion Stone. 

See the install videos on our youtube channel (click on "videos" on the top of this page).

Handcrafted Cedar Shingle Panels

Valley Cedar mixed grain cedar panels are handcrafted, defect free and have a 15 year warranty against manufacturer defect when installed correctly. One BIG key fact...utilizes up to 62% less cedar than traditional 18” R/R shingles !!! Far less wastage!  Each panel is 8' long and make installation quicker and easy then other shingle products.  

Nextstone Simulated Stone Siding

NextStone™ simulated stone siding is cast from actual stone and rock. Manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors.Most people actually need to touch it before they can believe it’s not real rock.

Great for exterior accents, residential home siding, metal building facades, wainscoting, deck skirting and posts, fence pillars, signs, theatre or movie sets and more.

Pine Half Log Style Siding

Using log siding renders a traditional and warm ‘log cabin’ look to your building. Whatever be the existing style or size of your home, it can be given log siding to look just like a log structure.