Project Woods


African Mahogany Finishing Lumber

African Mahogany is reddish-brown with straight to interlocked grain. It stains and polishes to an excellent finish and often used for furniture and cabinetmaking as well as boatbuilding and vehicle bodies.

Alder Finishing Lumber

Straight grained and uniform texture, Alder is a wood that is easy to work with and takes stains, paints and polishes exceptionally well. Our Alder finishing lumbers are kiln dried, surfaced 4 sides or surfaced 2 sides and available in various sizes.

American Mahogany Finishing Lumber

American Mahogany varies from light to dark reddish-brown to deep, rich red with straight to interlocked grain. American Mahogany takes stains and polishes to an excellent finish. Often used for high-class furniture and cabinetmaking and other applications from boat interiors to moulds and dies.

Aromatic Cedar Finishing Lumber

Aromatic cedar planks with the fresh smell of cedar wood. Great for lining closets and chests.

Ash Finishing Lumber

Straight grained with coarse but even texture, our Ash is easy to work with and easily stained and polished. Kiln dried and surfaced 2 sides our Ash is available in various sizes.

Aspen Finishing Lumber

Aspen is a light-weight yet sturdy wood great for making food containers furniture interiors. Aspen has a fine, even texture with straight grain, usually a creamy-grey to yellow color.

Australian Gum Finishing Lumber

Eucalyptus Saligna also known as Sydney Blue Gum, this Australian wood is great for boat building and other marine-purposed construction as well as for use in furniture and flooring. Surfaced 2 sides and kiln dried. Available in various sizes.

Balsa Finishing Lumber

Balsa is one of the lightest lumbers we carry at Windsor Plywood and you'll simply be amazed at how light it is. Balsa has excellent buoyancy which makes it a great wood for marine applications but that's not all! It's also a great insulator against heat, sound and vibrations, perfect for soundproofing or to simply help keep the heating bills low. Our balsa is kiln dried, surfaced 2 sides and available in various sizes.