10mm Euro Home Laminate Flooring

Authentic embossed and wood-grain surface texture for a natural look and feel. Durable and easy to clean. Manufactured in Europe with easy to install 1clic2go system.
• Textured wood finish  
• Integrated Aqua Stop System: waterproofed HDF (High-density fiberboard) base provides the highest core protection  
• V-groove on all 4 sides  
• A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating  
• Eco-friendly: made from 90 percent wood, from sustainable forestry practice sources with PEFC & FSC Certification  
• Can be used with underfloor heating  

Promolam 8.3MM Laminate Flooring

Planks feature deep wood grain embossing.  Composed predominantly of natural wood, environmentally-friendly resin glue and sustainable raw materials. 
Laminate flooring is today’s wise choice for the value-conscious consumer looking for a durable and easy-to-maintain floor. Offers all the warmth and beauty of a natural wood product with the added benefits of easy installation, cost-effectiveness and durability.  Offers a clean and hygienic surface; no room for dirt or bacteria like other types of flooring. It’s also an environmentally friendly flooring solution as it is manufactured mainly from recycled wood fibers.
 If you love the gorgeous, rich look of a wood or stone floor but are concerned about high traffic that can potentially damage or ruin expensive alternatives,  laminate flooring is the solution you’ve been looking for.