Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Stack Baltic Birch Veneers stack
  • More veneers per unit of thickness than other types of plywood
  • Uniform light colour
  • Pre-sanded on two sides for a smooth face and backside
  • Available in 5’ x 5’ sheets
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  Baltic Birch plywood is constructed with more veneers per unit of thickness than other types of plywood. Ideal for routering, scroll sawing or for applications requiring high stability.
5’ x 5’ sheets are available in:

3mm (1/8”) 3 ply
6mm (1/4”) 5 ply
9mm (3/8”) 7 ply
12mm (1/2”) 9 ply
15mm (5/8”) 11 ply
18mm (3/4”) 13 ply
25mm (1”) 17 ply