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pine kitchen modelSM Loatian pine whistler 6 panel knotty pine
  • Available in Knotty Pine or Finger Joint Pine
  • We carry a wide variety of pine doors, panelling and flooring to match your mouldings
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Knotty Pine: For a casual, informal look. Stain or varnish to suit your decor. The reddish brown tight knots add interest to any room.
Finger Joint Pine: Primed with a lacquer-based primer, which provides a clearly superior paint surface to the water based primed products offered by others. No grain raise, fuzzing, or fingerjoints showing through. Less paint, little or no sanding, less hassle.
How to Install Mouldings: We recommend prefinishing the mouldings before installing. Install the moulding piece by piece, working your way around the room, leaving the nail heads exposed to allow for any repositioning. Avoid nailing the last 2 to 3 inches in each piece to avoid splitting. Nail in the curved or cove part of the moulding to better hide the nail holes. Nail mouldings into wood studs or jambs. Any good quality finishing nail properly counter sunk works well. C-clamps should be used to secure the moulding in the mitre box for more accurate cuts. Always use scrap wood between the clamp and the moulding to prevent surface damage.
For more info our friendly staff in-store are happy to help! or visit our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WindsorPlywood 
Available in a variety of profiles and sizes.  See you local Windsor Plywood store for available stock. Profiles from Metrie for British Columbia:
For other regions see below.